Editor's Note: The information in this Part 2 is not for everyone. When it was originally transmitted, during many months following the initial contact, the witness was carefully instructed not to release any of it until he was given the time. As the first part of this edition of this book, the original contact story, was being typeset for printing, the Iargans re-contacted the witness and authorized him to release the second manuscript printed here as Part 2 of this book, which you are now about to read. Only those who are ready will understand. The others will find this uninteresting to them and will not continue reading it.
















During the first visit aboard the spacecraft the witness was given some kind of conditioning which made him receptive to sights and sounds, something like the way it was done mechani­cally aboard the ship, and after that the Iargans could "tune him in" and transmit sounds and images with what seemed like 3-dimensional reality. The contacts continued and hundreds of pages of notes, sketches, and diagrams were made. These are collected in this section on Iargan philosophy.

These notes describe the origin of the Universe, both non-physical and physical, ours and theirs, and the origin and development of both spiritual and physical rational creatures, and how they are influenced. They also discuss the plurality of life and the great variety of intelligent creatures in this vast universe and their purpose.















This information was handed over by the crew of an Iargan spaceship with the intention to lift the cosmic isolation of humanity.







                       CHAPTER 1


                      The Origin



The great improbability: Proof of God's existence.



As I have said, the aim of this presentation is to break open the

Earth's isolation. Isolation does not only mean the absence of

contact with other intelligent beings, but also the ignorance

surrounding the Creator and the goal of His creation. Our

ignorance in this is an essential part of the great plan.


    The idea of breaking our isolation can only be entertained

when we are "knowledgeable" and this means that denial of God's

existence must have practically vanished from this earth.

Atheism is just ignorance  according  to them.


    With this in mind, they dictated this first chapter as a

direct or indirect proof that this universe is the almighty

manifestation of an endless, and impersonal, creative intellect.


    At first, I saw the remarkable idea of proving God's

existence as a sort of curiosity, to be accepted for what it was

worth; later, it became clear to me that this is a basic

requirement for understanding of the further information. The

destruction of Atheism is an important part of the plan of

creation, because it would hinder the progress of humanity in the

last days.


    I am certain that many people will now close this book and

consign me to the ranks of the certified madmen; I would have

done the same in their place. This does not restrain me from

honestly warning my readers of the aims of this story to prevent

them from feeling that they have been manipulated.


    A very different question is, have I reached my aim? It must

be quite obvious that a "coincidental" layman (sailor)  cannot be

expected to formulate scientific proof of the existence of God,

even if he does have access to all the relevant information. Experts who  have commented on the manuscript, have proved by the results of a logic test that no direct proof of God has been given; for one reason, that the story contains certain unproven axioms. I have rejected their offers of help in filling in the empty spaces because I feel that I must relay the information in its purest form, without any personal interpretations. It is also possible that the logic of an alien

race is different from ours.


   I will wait and see if their prophesies are correct that our scientists will quickly react to the newly released knowledge of the structure of the immaterial consciousness of matter and energy. We stand on the eve of the discovery of a new series of natural laws, with far-reaching consequences.


   Matter is nothing more than the "filling" of the later described "spiritual reality." Knowledge of this structure leads to an exceptional power of manipulation of matter and energy; and also of the human mind. The true nature of a side-effect of this fact will then become clear, gravity; it is then fairly simple to neutralize it. We will then have "UFO" type aircraft flying around, powered by an anti-gravity vibrator and supported by the ground-echo of an anti-gravity ray. These sort of "proofs" will demonstrate the structure of the matter-consciousness and provide the direct proof of the existence of God. This knowledge contains a built-in "trigger," if I should fail to prove my argument, which is highly possible, the "trigger" will activate certain scientists or inventors to discover these secrets. The schedules are complete, it all sounds too fantastic to be true, but we will be there within the next few years; just wait and see.


   The question remains, to what extent will this prove to be an indirect proof of the existence of God.


   What other theories can be offered to logically explain all the wonders between heaven and earth, but which do not have the basis of a creative intellect. They argue that it is impossible. To humans, the plan of creation realizes a complete impossibility. The plan is so complex and genial, that no human could ever have thought of it. Knowledge of it can only be obtained at the source, nobody could offer an alternative plan that is logical and yet deny the almighty intellect as the starting point. I have no more  worries on this point, but the debate will have to prove it.


   My advice to the reader in this is to ignore the question of proof. Their story of the creation is not easy to understand, but it is neat and tidy. The story is complete and logical to those who will read it critically but without prejudice. It tells everything, even the closest kept secrets of the universe, and the truth is so plain to see that many will no longer require any proof.


This entire communication was transmitted in Holland Dutch language in terms and mind symbols familiar to the witness. All terms for Deity may be considered one aspect of polarity. All terms for Lucifer and Satan represent the necessary other aspect and may not be exactly what the reader was taught in catechism.


The extent of our knowledge.








I think it may be useful to begin with a short summary of our conceptions of the size and origin of the universe. The size and extent are gigantic; outside our milky-way, that contains about two hundred-billion stars, we see other star systems, billions of them, each containing billions of stars. The more our telescopes improve, the more stars we discover and the greater the distance at which we discover still more stars, billions of light-years away from us. The number of stars must be many more than a billion times a billion, and the end is still not in sight. The space that we can see has a diameter of roughly twenty billion light-years while light travels at a speed of three hundred thousand kilometres per second. The size of the universe is so far beyond our powers of understanding that it alienates us. It seems ridiculous to suggest that all this has no purpose.


At the limits of our optical observations, we see star systems rushing away from us at impossible speeds, up to half the speed of light.


This can only mean that we live in an expanding universe. This expansion can be explained back to a start in which all matter was confined in one clearly defined area. The expansion is assumed to have begun here, some thirteen billion years ago, with a primeval explosion, the big bang. According to this theory, the universe must have had a beginning.


Disregarding the question of the truth of this theory, the intriguing fact of a beginning remains, we arrive at the same theory from the calculations of the age of stars. Many astronomers and scientists seriously take into account that the universe "originated" at some particular moment. As long as we do not know how this happened, we can only accept this as a reasonable ­assumption.






To get down to business, the Iargan creation story begins roughly

at this point, the origin. Their explanation rests on one GREAT

AXIOM: Something can NOT be created from nothing. At first, this

seems to be perfectly logical, but we come to a problem when we

substitute the word "universe" for something, we have no choice

but to give that it does exist, it was "created."


    Quite honestly, it would seem to me to be ridiculous to

accept the idea that matter has always existed, ad infinitum: but

for the good order of things, I must prove it here.

 This proof begins with three related arguments:

1. An infinite quantity of matter would completely fill space,

so energy and matter must be finite.

2. When one characteristic of something is finite, then all its

characteristics must be finite. Matter is then finite in all

respects; speed, quantity, distance, etc.

3. Time as the counterpart of matter is therefore finite; even

if it should continue forever.


    The last statement requires some explanation; time exists by

the grace of matter, and is defined as the propagation of the

vibration in the force-field of an atom. (see Appendix)


    Time is therefore bound by a finite speed, the repetition of

finite events, popularly compared to the ticking of a clock. No

matter how many millions of years  a clock should continue

ticking, the result will never be infinite, in other words, even

the eternal continuance of finite events never results in

infinity. Even after millions of years, not one second of

eternity would have passed. Unlimited continuance can never

become infinite. From these three arguments we conclude that

time matter, and energy had a beginning and were therefore



    What could have been the origin of the gigantic quantity of

matter and energy that exists in the universe? Could it have come

from the void?


The answer we get from their standpoint is:

Axiom: Something can never be created from nothing.

Submission: The universe was created.

First conclusion: the creation is nothing more or less

than the mutation of what already existed.


    The conclusion is logical and simple but it is worth a lot

of critical thought, because from we obtain the equally logical

and simple, irrefutable,  proof  of  the  existence of God. This

argument can be upheld  by  proving  that  the "nothing" never

existed, and that the "already  existing" has always existed.





What can we say about the "already existing" before the creation?

Second statement: If ever in the; past the total "nothing" had

existed, it would have been permanent.

Submission: The total "nothing" was not permanent.

Second conclusion: The "already  existing" has always existed and

is infinite in time; the total "nothing" has never existed.


    It then seems that the "already existing" is the same as the

"eternal". It has always existed, and will continue to exist,

without a beginning and without an end.


    The second conclusion does not substantiate the axiom because

it is derived from it. The substantiation will have to be found

by another approach that does not begin by the existence of the



    This original form of all that now exists is therefore

indestructible; it does not age and it does not change, it is

absolute. In future, the "already  existing" will be referred to

as the ABSOLUTE.


Third statement: The ABSOLUTE is infinite in time (see second


Submission: Time can never be infinite because it is a limited


Third conclusion: Then the definition of time in the ABSOLUTE is

different form our definition of time.


Actually, we could have known this because the ABSOLUTE is the

original form of all existence, also of time. In other words,

eternity is not the eternal continuance of our time, but a

completely different kind of time.


Defitions of the infinite.



The conclusion that the ABSOLUTE exists in infinite time

introduces the concept of infinity. Here we come across the

problem that many people are so used to the mathematical meaning

of the term infinity, that they have the greatest difficulty in

thinking in terms of the ABSOLUTE infinity. The latter is an

existential infinity, the endlessness of being, or THE being,

that encompasses all consciousness, all intelligence, and all

creativity. Due to the fact that Earthly sciences almost

exclusively use the mathematical abstraction, I will only use the

term when it can be mathematically justified.


1. One fundamental quality of the infinite is that it is

indivisible; division results in finiteness.

2. To make it clear that existential infinity is a totality, and

therefore also contains the finite, we can make use of a

mathematical comparison  using the progression of that number.

As soon as one progression is infinite, it contains every

progression of every finite number, no matter how large this may

be. The infinite therefore contains all the possibilities of any

progression. This argument stems from the illimitability of the

infinite and is therefore also valid for values other than

numbers. It  then follows that infinity encompasses all finite

possibilities in an infinite progression.

3. The existential infinity is indivisible and contains all

possibilities; it is therefore ONE infinity, and never more.

4. Mathematically: As soon as the power of a number (through the

progression) becomes endless, all the powers become endless.

Existential: As soon as it is proved that one possibility or

property of anything is infinite, then  all the properties are

infinite because it is then unbounded.


Fourth statement: When one property of something is infinite,

then all the properties are infinite, and it is indivisible.

Submission: The ABSOLUTE exists in infinite time.


    Fourth conclusion: Then the ABSOLUTE is infinite in all

respects and is the infinite origin of all existence; the




The existence of unlimited possibilities.



They thus argued that the universe was nothing more that mutation

of the infinite ABSOLUTE. The question then arises was this

creation the only possible mutation of the ABSOLUTE?

Fifth statement: The ABSOLUTE contained ALL possibilities for

mutation because it was unbounded.

Submission: The universe is only ONE of the many possible

appearances of the ABSOLUTE.

Fifth conclusion: The present creation is then just ONE of, an

unlimited number of other possibilities. The ABSOLUTE is then

almighty, and was capable of many other creations.


    Now that the ALL-mighty has been mentioned, it is interesting


to ask if the ABSOLUTE can be called the creator of the universe.

After the definitions of infinity, the answer becomes easy.

Sixth statement: The ABSOLUTE possessed ALL possibilities, and

therefore, at least all the possibilities that exist now.

Submission: Humans possess the possibilities  of  conscious

thought, intelligence, personality, and creativity.


Sixth conclusion: The ABSOLUTE possessed an infinite,

all-encompassing consciousness with an infinite intelligence; an

infinite number of ego possibilities, and with an infinite

almighty creative power that was bound into the indivisible unity

of the infinity, the infinite, almighty ALL-consciousness, the

Creator. This explains the existence of the one almighty Creator

of the universe as clearly as possible.


    The axiom is still acceptable but not proved; something

cannot be created from nothing. Only when this has been

demonstrated beyond a doubt can there be talk of proof.


The infinity of the NOTHING




Seventh statement: The ALL-consciousness contained ALL

possibilities and was indivisible.

Submission: The non-existing, or the "nothing" is also a


Seventh conclusion: Then the ALL-consciousness also possessed the

possibility of the NOTHING and the ALL is also the NOTHING.

Then ALL and NOTHING must be an indivisible unity.


    It is clear that this conclusion leads us into a fogbank

where we are in danger of loosing our senses of order and logic.

Are we guilty of a serious fault in our thinking? Does NOTHING

qualify as infinite?


    More's the pity, it does. The NOTHING is the complete,

boundless dark emptiness that has no end. It is also the only

eternity that we are able to imagine; nothing, the endless void,

no speck of dust, no glimmer of light, no movement, no ageing,

no change; indivisible nothing.


    Nothing with which to judge time. Can time exist in complete

emptiness? Time is movement, and without  movement there can be

no time, although the possibility for time did exist. If one

small movement had taken place, time would have been created.

Then the difference between our time and absolute time is that

the all consciousness was not limited by time, was timeless and

motionless,  but contained the possibility for time.


    In other words, the nothing complies with the requirements

of the absolute as we have defined them. It is infinite in all

respects and exists in infinite time. This confirms the seventh

conclusion, that is clear.


    What is not so clear is what we have achieved with this

conclusion. On the one hand the ABSOLUTE is EVERYTHING, and on

the other hand, it is NOTHING. At first sight an impossible

conclusion, because it may mean that the creation did take place

from nothing.



The omnipotence of the infinite nothing.



How can THE ALL, under which our universe falls, at the same time



    The brain work needed to answer this question has already

been done. This is only possible when the ALL consists of pure

contradictions, or, put another way, when it is composed of

counteracting principles that leave the inviolate NOTHING intact.

These principles can be regarded as the plus and minus of an

electrical charge or the north and south pole of a magnet. For

example, our universe must have an opposite in the form of a

second universe in which matter is polarized exactly opposite,

the anti-matter, that exists "somewhere". The existence of

parallel worlds is explained in the other book. With this, we

have discovered an important limitation of the ALL. It is

certainly everything, but only by virtue of exact opposites that

are integrally zero. To anyone thinking deeply over this, it soon

becomes clear that the NOTHING has the upper hand in this game

of possibilities. Everything in the ALL-consciousness was bound

by the iron law of the cosmos, that everything must exist out of

opposites, for the sake of the NOTHING. The NOTHING is then the

origin of the infinity.


    With this conclusion, the pieces of the puzzle begin  to fall

into place. Everything becomes clear when we turn the thing

around and begin with the origin, the NOTHING.


    Before the creation existed, NOTHING. The only difference

being that the word means something other than what we usually

think of in this context, this is why I use capitals. The NOTHING

is infinite, and the infinite contains the ALL, the

ALL-consciousness, but only so long as it exists out of  absolute

counteractions. The inevitable consequence of  the endless dark

emptiness was that it contained an almighty intellect. The

endless nothing is the origin of the omnipotence of the

ALL-consciousness, and this last is the power of the infinite


Statement 1.Prior to the creation was the infinite NOTHING.

Statement 2.The infinite obviously contained all possibilities,

the ALL.

Statement 3.The NOTHING could only contain counteracting

principles or contradictions that integrally amounted to nothing


Statement 4.Then the NOTHING is the ALL that is composed of


Statement 5.The ALL had the ability to create the present

universe as long as it existed out of contradictions  that left

the original infinity of the NOTHING unchanged.


Conclusion: The total NOTHING in the axiom has never existed, and

with this, the axiom is proved.





The question now arises, to what extent is it possible to regard

contradictions that amount to zero, as something or nothing? With

this, we can discuss the first conclusion to the axiom, and

approach it in a different way.


Axiom: Something can never be created from nothing.

Submission: The universe exists.

Conclusion: Then for all intents and purposes, the universe is


This Conclusion is also completely valid, the ALL and the NOTHING

are identical, but this does not invalidate the first conclusion.

The "Something" in the axiom is undoubtedly the matter, time, and

energy in the universe; and this is  undoubtedly the mutation of

something that always existed.


    In the last conclusion, our universe, which is bound by a

time-synchronisation field to an anti-universe, is viewed from

the point of the timeless infinity. From this point of view, the

counterbalanced creation is indeed the NOTHING; but for those who

live in one universe, the other anti-universe is not relevant.


    For the ALL-consciousness, this creation was nothing more

that the mutation of the ABSOLUTE counteracting principle, a

mutation of the NOTHING, because the ALL was the NOTHING, the not

"really existing".


    Absolute opposites are, and remain, NOTHING. Only when the

contradictions are resolved and are no longer tied to each other

as opposite poles of a magnet, can the NOTHING become reality.

The aim of the creation is the abolition of the many

contradictions through which the "REALLY EXISTING" will come into

being. The axiom of the creation is therefore different when

viewed by the ALL-consciousness; SOMETHING can be created from

NOTHING. This means  exactly the same as The "REALLY ~EXISTING"

can be created from ALL. Zero and infinity are always the same



    With these additions, the proof of the existence of GOD has

been demonstrated. It is true that the almighty Creator of the

universe will change into the "REALLY EXISTING" GOD, but this is

of little importance, because GOD has the pure identity of the




The meditating infinite.



Now it becomes interesting to get to know  something  about the

being of the infinite ALL-consciousness. How do we cope with the

thought of an almighty consciousness that was  the immutable ALL;

and that existed, timeless and immobile in the infinite dark

emptiness. It doesn't sound very attractive.


    Can such a thing think? It encompasses all possibilities in

their original form, also thought. How should we visualize this?

The answer that logic dictates is perfectly clear. Thought is

deduction, combination, and change, because it adds new thoughts

to the ones that already exist. The infinite was immutable,

therefore it could not think. An impossible conclusion when

associated with a creative intellect.


    Can we reconcile this? We can. The addition of new thoughts

to the ALL-consciousness was not possible because IT already

contained ALL thought in an infinite thought sequence. IT

contained ALL possibilities, and no new possibilities could  be

added, ever. The ALL-consciousness, could therefore not think.


    Now we are on the right track; the AL~consciousness did not

need to think. IT was above thought because IT knew ALL thought

in ALL time, also in the future.


    How can a finite thought exist in the infinite? Exactly the

same way as a finite number can exist in an endless progression.

The flow of thought existed continuously in ALL time, through an

infinite number of time directions from the past to the future

at an infinite time velocity.


    The previous explanation simplifies the description of the

infinite, to time standing still, without mentioning the fact

that time can only stand still as a result of opposites in time

speed and direction. In the infinite, the time moved at infinite

speed in ALL possible directions from past to  future  and back

again. ALL time existed simultaneously. This situation can be

compared to a weight flying around in a circle at the end of a

piece of string; if the weight should reach (theoretically)

infinite speed, it would be at ALL points of the circle at the

same time. At any given point, the weight is always present, this

symbolizes the infinite flow of thought that continually exists

at every moment. So can infinite time be approached in two ways,

from nil immobile "no time" and from infinite, mobile "ALL-time"

from which the resultant time  speed  is nil, caused by the pure

counteraction this ALL-time is  in fact the omni-directional and

omni-present time that we shall call "omni-time" (eternity).

Every quality of the ALL-consciousness must be regarded in this

way, as infinite, by which every thought continually existed

through the infinite speed of time. Therefore, ALL thoughts in

ALL possible futures existed, and are indestructible because they

already existed "in the future." This is the law of the

conservation of knowledge which extends to cover ALL the

qualities of the ALL-consciousness. It has existed for ALL time.

Through the indestructibility of ALL thought, the

ALL-consciousness had an  infallible memory system, the infinite,

immutable, perfect knowledge. It knew ALL the mutations of ALL

the possibilities, in ALL time and to the utmost consequences.

It had an infinite intelligence, because IT knew the answer of

any question that could ever be asked.


Every human was also known.




The ALL-consciousness knew ALL thoughts in ALL time, therefore

also in our time. Then every human thought, no matter how simple,

was also known. The arguments are simple, but the answer is

almost inconceivable.


    Then every human and every footstep was known, and chance

does not exist, at least, not for the infinite ALL-consciousness.

On the other hand, it is perfectly logical that the creator of

the time should know the future. Time exists through

counteractions, and is the not really existing. Further, it is

just as logical that ALL-might (might of the ALL) and

ALL-knowledge (knowledge of the ALL) go together. An almighty

consciousness obviously knows what IT will know. The same kind

of conclusion can be reached with regard to our own identity. The

ALL-consciousness contained ALL the possibilities of

ego-identities that were bound by the laws of the infinite into

unity which existed eternally and was indestructible.


    Then comes the question, ALL identity, so the human too? Why

not? There was only one ALL-CONCIOUSNESS that contained ALL

identities. The present human ego can only be a mutation of what

already existed. The primeval form of our consciousness and our

ego was a part of the ALL-consciousness and has always existed,

and is indestructible. The Godly nucleus of our ego took part in

the almighty creation that caused our universe to come into

being. This makes us unknowing gods that had the perfect

knowledge, but the obliteration of our memory is so complete that

our "conscience" had no more factual knowledge. This conclusion

is hopeful. If we took part in the creation process, not as

spectators, but as an essential part of the creative

consciousness of the creative unity, then it is impossible that

we now live a purposeless life. On the contrary, our existence

must have a purpose with great importance, but also with great

risks. No freedom without risks.




An undefined consciousness.



From this contour sketch of the NOTHING, an imposing silhouette

appears from the endless dark emptiness. An infinite

consciousness that was capable of any creation. IT could choose

from an unlimited number of possibilities, whatever IT wanted,

would happen.


    IT enclosed in IT-self, tens of thousands of possibilities

of creations equal to ours, with ALL the thoughts, knowledge, and

experience connected to them. IT saw through ALL time, knew every

future, and every being in every detail.


The ALL-knowledge is inconceivable.



The completeness is the most impressive aspect of this existence,

but the aspects of infinity are easier to reason. This comes from

the infinity of time in which finite values exist indefinitely,

continuing in OMNI-time, eternal and indestructible. It is the

factor through which the finite becomes infinite, the condition

for existence in the NOTHING, next to the condition of



    The ALL-consciousness was unlimited in its possibilities, and

therefore also UNDEFINED. ALL was still an hypothesis with

infinite probability. It was and it was not. And yet it was the

irrefutable reality from which the whole universe was created,

but it was not, because it had not manifested IT-self in

anything. The choice had not be~ made, only the consciousness

WAS. It was unbounded in time, and therefore there was no sense

of time. It was unlimited in its possibilities of identity, so

equally, there was no sense of ego. The character and nature were

also not defined.


    The spirit, the intelligence and the knowledge, was defined.

The spirit of ALL-knowledge was perfect, but the being was not

yet defined. Through this, it was determined WHO would use the

spirit. Who was the ALL-consciousness before the mutation?


It was nobody!


Through this, the NOTHING had terrifying possibilities with

unfathomable risks. IT could produce the most loving, noble and

attractive or the cruellest, ugliest monster that surpasses human

imagination. This consciousness of the nothing existed of

contradictions, both results were possible. The possibilities

were unlimited, what would emerge from the endless dark

emptiness; and with what purpose?



A temporary universe.


After this exploration of the basic conditions, we can make a

cautious start with the story of the creation. By one means or

another, the ALL-consciousness underwent a miraculous change that

we now see as the creation. This change was complex in extremes,

and I have therefore split the story into three sections, each

of which describe a part of the complexity. The following part

of this chapter gives a description of the manipulations that

were necessary for the change.


    The second chapter deals with the changes in consciousness,

and the book of physics explains the physical aspects of the

creation mechanism with a description of the infinitely strong

three-dimensional vibration field, the Cosmic Unified Field.


    The infinity of the ALL-consciousness was a great problem by

the creation, at least for us to be able to understand it. There

is simply nothing to begin with. It is immutable, indivisible,

infinite, indestructible; nothing can be added, nothing new can

exist, etc, etc. It just IS, immovable, ponderous, immobile. It

is the eternal, immutable hypothesis with infinite probability.

How was it possible that this could ever change?


Statement: The infinite is unchangeable, only the finite is


Submission: The change did take place.

Conclusion: Then the infinity must have been lifted or blocked;

a possibility that must always have existed.


    Here we come across the concept of "bounding" or the

limitation of the infinite. I have already explained that the

"common factor" for the existence of finite values in infinity,

must be sought in the undetermined infinity of the time. The

bounds were therefore first laid on the time. In my book, the

phenomenon creation is always regarded as the limitation of time,

even though it can be explained by other means. As soon as one

feature of anything becomes finite, ALL its features become

finite; it is therefore not necessary to use more than one to

illustrate the explanation. The limitation of the infinite

timespeed and the time direction was enough to limit the

complete ALL-Consciousness.


    The problem with finite time is that it cannot exist on its

own. Time is the progress of the vibration in the force field of

an atom, and is a result of matter. Inertia creates finite time.

Matter and energy had to exist in order to bound the infinite

NOTHING, and at the same moment, the dimensions of time and space

came into being. It would appear that the creation of matter was

only necessary to limit the infinite in order to change it, and

that this was necessary for the creation of the really existing

in the future (the resolution of the contradiction).


    This is precisely the aim of the creation of matter. It is

a temporary means of creating the really existing. We can now

divide the creation process into two separate actions; the

dissolution of the immutable, and the real change.



The limitation.



In this chapter, we will only discuss the principles of the

limitation; the working of these principles, with among other

things, the time synchronization, will be explained in the

physics book.


1.The limitation came about through the creation of matter and


2.The infinite was indivisible. It was therefore impossible to

limit only a part of the ALL-consciousness, it had to be


3.The infinite was timeless, therefore it could not be

temporarily limited; it had to be for ever. It was also

impossible to phase the limitation.

Conclusion: The limitation of the ALL-consciousness was unique,

total, and irrevocable.


Let's take the next step.

How does the principle of the limitation work? How, and by whom

can the infinite be limited?

A rather wanting example may serve to clarify the matter. Imagine

an object moving at infinite speed. Physics tells us that no

matter how much effort is applied to brake the object, its speed

will always be infinite. Only when it is braked with an infinite

power, will the result be a finite speed.


    The braking would generate a gigantic amount of energy. The

braking of the infinite time speed of the ALL, produced a

gigantic amount of energy. This example brings us to the

following conclusion.


1.The infinite(speed) can only be limited by another infinite


2.Only one infinite existed, so it could only be limited by

IT-self. Then follows that the other infinity must have come from

the first one, but could not have been a part of the first, or

it would never have been "the other".

3.The possibility of this other infinity must have existed in the

ALL-consciousness (immutable) which means that it existed of

contradictions. Then the counteracting ALL-consciousness limited

IT-self by a contradicting infinite power or force field. (see

book of the physics of the carrier field)

4.The limitation came about because the infinity of the ALL-

consciousness transformed IT-self into the other infinity of the

limiting force field whereby two infinities have never existed

together, no more than no infinity (indestructible). A sudden

infinity transmutation must have taken place where just as

suddenly, ALL matter and energy, together with time and space

dimensions, must have come into being.

5. The energy came from the limitation, and may therefore be

referred to as the limitation energy.


The point of ALL this is the other infinite that limited the

infinity of the ALL. It could not have been a part of the first

infinite, because then it would have been limited along with it,

and no longer been infinite. This was impossible because the

infinite was causal and indestructable (has existed through ALL



The cause of the limitation.


This other infinity can be discussed in still another way. The

lightening creation was a necessary condition in attaining the

mutability of the ALL-consciousness. The actual change was still

to come, of necessity, after the limitation. The goal of creation

must then be something that is finite and limited.


    The conclusion is simple; if the goal is finite, it could not

have existed in the infinite, and it must be SOMETHING new. This

seems to be an unnecessary conclusion; it would be foolish to

imagine that this creation was only a repetition of what already

existed, but on the other hand, something new would be a

violation of the immutability.


How could something new exist in the infinite?


The answer is simple, the infinite contained everything, every

possible (and for us impossible) mutation of anything; and

therefore it must have been capable of many different creations,

each with something new that of necessity could not exist in the

infinite. What conditions were imposed on the goal of this



    The infinite ALL was composed of contradictions that left the

essential infinity of the NOTHING intact. ALL possibilities were

integrally NOTHING, or not really existing. Was there then no

single possibility that really existed?


Certainly, there was one thing that really existed, and that was

the NOTHING which blocked the contradictions, the basic and

dominant feature of the ALL. Through the immutability of the

NOTHING, the REALLY EXISTING had no chance to manifest. Only the

manifestation of one of the existing possibilities to be REALLY

EXISTING could negate the immutability of the NOTHING. On the

other hand we have the fact that the SOMETHING could not exist

in the infinity because it had to be bound to time and limits.

It seems that we have faultlessly demonstrated that the  creation

was impossible. The reasoning is perfect, but the conclusion that

this leads to an impossibility, is wrong.

1. The aim to create SOMETHING, the reality, was the motivation

of the will of the ALL-consciousness; but it was not a wish with

uncertain consequences as we have.

2. The almighty, intelligent objective of the ALL: The Word,

created the time and therefore determined ALL future events;

including the goal.


Conclusion: The almighty Word contained the goal of the creation

in IT-self, and the Word was the opposite of the NOTHING. The

Word was the reality SOMETHING that created the time at the

moment of the limitation and thereby the SOMETHING became

definite. The time plays no role in the infinite, it is composed

of contradictions and does not really exist.


From the King James Version of the Christian Bible

John 1. "in the beginning was the Word" (and nothing else).






The goal of the creation was unique and irrevocable, and was as

such, again immutable. This had to be so because the goal

contained the other infinity that limited the first, and the laws

of the infinite are valid for the new infinity. It is again

immutable. The irrevocability of the goal caused an extra

complication, it had to be valid not only for the infinite, but

also for the finite. In fact, the real goal could only originate


in the finite. The ALL had to create consciousness contradictions

in the infinite, and reconcile them in the finite.


    The Word may therefore be compared to a computer program

which is used to regulate a process and must remain valid for the

complete process. The process and the program both demand that

the creativity of the programmer be accomplished before the

process begins (creation in advance).


    Which contradictions had to be revoked? Also those of time,

matter, and energy? Possible, but the question is unimportant.

Matter is only a temporary means of creating time, and with it,

the mutability. When the creation was complete, the material time

could have been dispensed with, for example, when matter appeared

to be finite, but this is not the point, there is a much more

essential question.


    What could be the point of creating something that really

existed, when the creator Himself did not really exist? It seems

completely logical that after the self-bounding, the

self-mutation of the original ALL-consciousness into a really

existing consciousness took place that was not constrained by

contradictions. Can there be any doubt that the first aim of the

creation was the self mutation of the Creator so that he can say

"I AM"?



    The power to change that is necessary for the creation of the

goal is a self-mutating power of a consciousness that can not

exist in the infinite, only in the finite. When this creative

power could not exist in the infinite, the goal must have the

will to begin with this form of creativity. Because no difference

exists between past and future in the infinite, we can omit the

word "begin."


    The almighty Will that created the universe must also be

infinite and exist of contradictions. Further, creativity is the

power to change something for a particular reason. First the

goal, then the Will, then the action. The same goes for the

creativity of the infinite. First came the goal, and this

motivated the almighty will that manifested IT-self in

counteractions. The will to a certain type of creativity was the

new infinity that bounded the old infinity. Since then, the Will

is irrevocable, immutable, and infinite; but creates the finite.


Because the infinite Will must consist of contradictions and

these cannot be dispensed with, IT is the not really existing for

ALL eternity, but IT is the creator of the really existing. It

is the new infinite creative power through which the goal will

come into being. The Will is the means, not the end.


"In the beginning was the Word," and only the Word.



chapter 2